Rethink Roster Management

Rosterly is the premier roster, attendance, & communication tool for coaches, trainers, and teachers. Rosterly is designed to be your one-stop shop for managing multiple rosters, tracking attendance, and communicating with your participants.

"Rosterly is a great app! It has made taking attendance in all of my classes so much easier because it allows me to focus on my kids rather than on an excel spreadsheet."  -Sarita, HappyFeet Coach

Rosters that work where you do,  synced and secure

The Rosterly app allows you to view your rosters and track participant attendance with the swipe of your finger! Never rely on paper rosters or cumbersome spreadsheets again.  Manage your rosters on the go for multiple locations, classes, or seasons.

Rosterly is automatically backed up and synced to your online account at This means you can access your rosters and data from any device, and you never have to worry about losing your data!

Have a team of multiple coaches, trainers, or teachers? This app was built for you!  Create user accounts that allow them to access their assigned rosters or cover classes for each other.  No need to manually email rosters or data files back and forth. Rosterly gives access to the people you choose!

Engage with your participants

Rosterly goes beyond simply tracking attendance.  When you have Rosterly, every roster turns into a contact list to connect with your participants or their parents.  Call or send a quick note directly from your roster.  One click to call or email from your device, no matter where you are--without searching another program for contact info!

Rosterly makes it easier than ever to connect with your participants on a personal level.  Send a quick note or session summary to keep your participants engaged like never before!

Track your rosters. Know your numbers.

Rosterly improves the accuracy of your rosters.  Accurate records mean you have access to what really happened last week, last month, and last year! Know your numbers with easy access to attendance records and class sizes.  Rosterly helps you run a smarter program.

Put Rosterly to work for you.

Simple.   Connected.   Smart. 

Your data: synced and ready to access whenever and wherever you need it.

Imagine the possibilities when you have instant access to your enrollment and participation records. Rosterly saves you time and eliminates the headache of relying on spreadsheets.  Rosterly saves you money by drastically reducing administrative time spent on managing outdated roster systems. 

Our complete Roster Management system will transform your program - saving you time and money.